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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A message from Zac Goldsmith

As politics is just too nasty at the moment, I thought it would be worth posting the dignified note everyone here in Richmond Park has received from Zac Goldsmith this morning. Whatever your politics, Zac has been a diligent constituency MP who has responded to all my missives (and I am one of those people who write to their MP a lot) promptly, and politely, even if we seldom agreed.

I made a point earlier in the year, shortly after the sad events surrounding Jo Cox, to respond to the 'thank your MP' campaign on Twitter, and I'm happy to thank Zac once again this morning for all his work.

Here's his note.

Dear Resident,

As the dust settles following the recent by-election, I wanted to write to you to thank you for the opportunity many of you gave me to represent our wonderful community in Parliament for the past six years.

The by-election happened because I kept my word and resigned over Heathrow expansion – as I had always promised I would. It was not a calculated decision, but I didn't enter politics to break promises or mislead my constituents. Despite everything I still believe it is preferable to lose doing the right thing than to win on a deception.

It has been an immense privilege to have represented my community in Parliament for the past six years. I’m proud of the the things I achieved in that time, particularly in relation to the environment. My commitment to those issues remains undimmed, and I will do all I can to contribute, albeit as a resident and not as an MP.

I wish our new MP, Sarah Olney, well, and I thank you again,

Best wishes,
Zac Goldsmith 

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