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Monday 5 December 2016

Celebrating Sarah Olney's first day in The House

A few pictures from College Green this afternoon

Photographers waiting.

A few famous faces in the crowd - there's Floella

.and Susan Kramer (and yes, that is the back of Gareth Roberts head)

..and Brian Paddick

Former Party leaders start arriving. First Nick..

And then Paddy. 

A few more of the great and the good from the press turn up - here's Kevin Maguire...

And then...they're here! Tim and Sarah

What a bank of cameras looks like from the wrong side...

Obligatory stickers

Four leaders together with the new MP - Sarah, Tim, Nick, Paddy and David

Obligatory random protestor

And then a trip past the Supreme Court - as a reminder what's at the heart of this victory...

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