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Monday, 6 March 2017

Trump throws a dead cat. Everyone falls for it. What's wrong with the media?

Remember those far off days when the world was focussed on the question, did the US Attorney General mislead Congress and lie on oath in his confirmation hearings and therefore would he need to resign?

It was, um, 3 days ago in case you've forgotten.

What happened next is classic media management by the White House.

If reports are to be believed, Trump was livid that everyone was talking about Jeff Sessions and his allegedly being 'economical with the acualite' rather than how utterly brilliant his address to Congress was (or not) and how great he looked in a bomber jacket and a cap.

Indeed, we was so cross he told Bannon and Priebus that they couldn't sit on his plane on the weekend jaunt to Florida

But of course what do you do when you want folk to stop talking about something. You throw a dead cat on the table and suddenly, everyone's talking about the dead cat. Which is exactly what this tweet does...

Does anyone really believe this is true? I doubt it.

But every headline since Saturday morning has been about this. I've not read anything about Sessions since Saturday (other than, ironically, it's the Justice Department that he heads up that will have to investigate the claims).

But if I can work this out - I wonder, how come the Democrats and the media have all taken the bait?

I despair.


Oh Look. Here's the Washington Post just about 8 hours behind my little blog....