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Sunday 22 April 2012

UKIP rep says no to Zac Goldsmith on my blog. Interesting...

Lots of people have read my blogpost suggesting Zac Goldsmith may be about to jump ship from the Tories and join UKIP and I've had a fair amount of comments back on Twitter.

But then a UKIP member - who is at least prominent enough to merit his own page on the UKIP website - has been on my blog to say they don't want him..

The full comment is...

"There is flying a kite and there is plain lunacy.

UKIP don't believe that we are experiencing catastrophic global warming; we don't want to cover the country in windmills; we do support cheap nuclear electricity; we do support the development of shale gas. Under what possible circumstances would Zac be welcome in UKIP?

The subconscious subtext here may be that you recognise, with the LudDims now the 4th party, Zac, or anybody else, would not be so foolish as to consider joining you despite the fact that he shares your ecofascist hysteria."

I wonder if anyone has told Nigel Farage - or indeed Zac - that UKIP don't want him. I have given Zac 3 separate opportunties to deny he's about to jump ship -which either means he doesn't care about what this blog says ('Ridiculous' I hear you cry... :-) ) or there really is something to this...

Also a few people have suggested that he may be about to jump ship - into the Lib Dems. Which I have to say given the VERY bad blood locally after the last general election, combined with Zac's views on Europe and Constitutional Reform, seems EXTREMELY unlikely.

No. I still reckon UKIP may be making a siren like call in his direction. Someone better tell Neil Craig...

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