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Friday 11 May 2012

Zac. I still think you're off to UKIP...

I know. I'm getting a  touch obsessive.

But I've blogged that I think Zac Goldsmith may be off to UKIP. and I tweeted the blog to him. And he didn't respond.

But that's just my humble blog. So then I referenced it in The News Statesman last week. and again, he hasn't denied it.

And now there's something more.

After the Queen's Speech on Wednesday, Zac tweeted this:

Whereas UKIP policy on recall is rather more, I would think, to Zac's taste...

· Introduce a right of recall whereby electors can challenge an errant MP and force a by-election in exceptional circumstances, such as abuse of expense

And here are some other tweets from Weds which also sound a bit, well, UKIP orientated

Take another look at that last one - here's the UKIP policy...

· Introduce ‘Direct Democracy’ whereby 5% of the national or local electorate can demand a binding referendum on any issue. At national level, people will have to sign up for the referendum within six months, at local level, within three months


Anyway, Zac, all you have to do is say it's not true, and I'll move on to something else...

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