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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Conservative Home, The Right Wing press and now Nadine Dorries are all up in arms. We're definitely doing something right.

Back In February, the Daily Telegraph was complaining that the Lib Dem tail was wagging the Conservative Dog

Then we got on the wrong side of seemingly every political story and this theme went away.

Post May, we've rather got on the right end of every political story.

And now, that theme is really taking hold....its becoming a Tory obsession.

To begin, Tim Montgomerie went off on one - first in The Evening Standard, then on Conservative Home.

Then the Daily Mail got in on the act - 'Time to remind the Lib Dem's who's boss' - using eerily similar language to the February Telegraph article...

And now, it's Nadine Dorries..

Here are her words:

Dorries: “Mr Speaker, the Liberal Democrats make up 7% of this parliament, and yet they seem to be influencing our free school policy, health – many issues – immigration and abortion. Does the prime minister think it’s about time he told the deputy prime minister who is the boss?”

Prime minister: “I know the honourable lady is extremely frustrated, erm, about erm… Maybe I should start all over again… I’m going to give up on this one!”

And here are the pictures:

Not withstanding the excellent advice Nick Thornsby has been offering us all in recent days - you can't help but enjoy all this, can you....

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