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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Poll: Should the Lib Dems go into the next General Election with a new leader?

Why is there a poll button on the top column on the right?

There seems more than a whiff of leadership debate in the air just now, what with the Peter Kelner/You Gov piece advocating a change of leader one way or another, Stephen Tall's analysis of that piece, and of course the recent Lib Dem Voice survey of party members.

But that latter vote has been criticised for not putting a straightforward enough question - mentioning that Lembit called for a change in leadership and essentially asking, 'is he right'?. This is tantamount, it has been suggested, to asking for people to endorse Lembit - which may have affected how people voted, just a tad.

So I thought I'd launch my own poll. It's over on the right and it is easy to vote. I have tried to put as straightforward a question as I can think of. And of course it's secret.

Of course, it's not in any way perfect - this is a survey of readers of this blog, open to all, not only Lib Dem members (although Lib Dem supporters undoubtably make up a lot of the readership). And it's a snapshot.

But anyway, could be fun...

Although, if I'm really honest, I'm not sure if its in any way helpful.

Ho hum

Also, do send your  Lib Dem friends a link to this post and ask them to vote. Be good to get a broad response.



  1. Yes. But since you get only a brief bounce we should keep NC until 6 months before election.

  2. As I keep saying - put a tenner on CK becomoing a 'caretaker' leader from Xmas 2014 until after the GE in 2015.
    He is still loved by the public & has kept out of some of the coalition mess. Lib dems best hope to keep max number of MPs.

  3. I so miss CK, I wish he's sort himself out.

    Afraid, I won't be voting Lib Dem for the foreseeable future. Was a lifelong voter as well. Not enough emphasis on social justice in current party.

  4. I think that Clegg has shown he does not represent the old LibDem views. He also now has the image of a man you can not trust. I know many people who voted LibDem last time who won't do it any more.

    The party needs to be rebuilt and it will take time before we are tursted again.

  5. I was devoted to Charles, campaigned for him, and deplored the assassination; but since then the idol has certainly fallen.

    He seems to be doing a Heath style sulk except that he doesn't sit on the benches to sulk. I have only heard him speak or seen him attend once since the coalition was formed and that was about his constituency boundaries!

    The fact that members hanker to have him back shows how difficult it would be for us to find a credible new leader with the required talents for coalition.

    Some could do it, Huhne, Laws, but have too much personal baggage. Simon has tried and failed, although he is very good in his present role. Farron is stimulating but is too boyishly young.
    My prediction: Nick will stay, thank goodness and eventually many years on, be succeeded by Jeremy Browne.

  6. Clegg should go and Farron should replace him - great campaigner, one of the best media performers we have and isn't tainted by the government.

  7. Yes you need a new leader. Urgently.

    In government the Liberal Democrats have betrayed the chronically sick and disabled people of this nation, and the voice of reason in politics has disappeared when those in greatest need were hoping that they would limit the usual Conservative nightmare. Not only a new leader but, at the nnext general election, I predict that many Lib Dem MPs will be looking for work as your supporters fall away.

    Sick and disabled people have relatives and friends who have been stunned by this savage attack on those least able to protest, with a government guided by one of the most discredited corporate insurance giants in the US... This is the UK not the US. Let's leave the nightmare of US welfare across the Atlantic and find a leader whose willing to stand up to Cameron and fight to remove these bogus 'medical assessments' from our shores before more people die because of them - 150 reported deaths and suicides due to the Atos assessments:

  8. Would also predict Jeremy Browne as future leader, don't think he is man to get us out of this mess though.

  9. Quite unfairly, Nick Clegg has become the media's whipping boy and this seems unlikely to change. Before a new leader can be selected, however,the Party needs to decide whether it wants to reflect public opinion or ignore it. The latter hardly seems sensible if we want to remain a party of government.

  10. It pains me to say but yes. I'm a big supporter of Nick's but his (unfair) negative image will be too much of a hindrance.

  11. In my opinion Clegg needs to go 18 months or more before the GE if the LibDems are to have any chance. I voted LibDem because I have always liked the party (I am not a party member) and what they stand (stood?) for. As an oldie I remember the Young LIberals of a generation ago, they were brilliant – at the forefront of the anti-aparthied, civil liberty and green movements. The thing that has really disappointed my about the LibDems in government is that their 50-odd MPs have acted like sheep, they have voted through just about everything Tory, while at same time claiming they didn't like what they were voting for. Where did their principles go, and do they think voters wouldn't notice? Well we did.