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Friday, 25 February 2011

Ed Miliband: whoops, your briefs are showing.

He's doing it again.

That Ed Miliband.

He's got a strategy: get the Lib Dems.

He's got a creative expression of that strategy: I don't agree with Nick

And it seems it's a strategy he's sticking with, according to this in The Guardian

That seems to me to be putting party communications strategy above a constitutional change he's meant to be in favour of.

Not very statesmanlike

Not a great strategy

and wouldn't he be better off attacking the 'No to AV' campaign for things like this disgraceful advertising campaign or these distortions of the facts rather than attacking his own side of the fence on the AV campaign.

Then he might make a contribution to getting AV approved. Instead of attacking his own side.

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