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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I found these 5 great blog posts all my phone, all on my train trip home yesterday. The Lib Dem blogosphere's hot right now!

Enjoy them.

1. 'An Unexpected Inheritance' from Mark Valladares at The View from Creeting St. Peter.

While I really want the House of Lords abolished and a fully elected Upper House - I can't deny I'll miss stuff like this...

By the way - Mark - sorry, I had no idea about your blog when I named this one. Honest! ! Hope you don't feel I've been camping out on your territory.

2. 'Election for new Parliamentarian starts this week – by AV', from Mark Pack at Mark Pack's blog

Mark Pack highlights a curious election going on in..The House of lords. Who would have thought it...

3. 'Gag removed. Job Done' by John Hemming

John Hemming rights a wrong, with no help from the Speaker. Great work by him, but is this really the way democracy works? Blimey.

4. 'Will Nick Clegg now get a proper Office of the Deputy Prime Minister?' from Jonathan Calder on Liberal England.

Afraid you'll have to scroll down to find it, but worth the effort.

5. 'What is Nick Clegg trying to say about Cameron?' from Paul Cotterill on Liberal Conspiracy.

Well yes, of course its very irritating, but if you skirt over the Nick Clegg bile , what it says about Cameron is very thought provoking.

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