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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Apparently the Tories are going to blame us when they can't get their own way. Please let it be true.

Over at Gary Gibbons blog, he has written an analysis of the David Laws situation and added on some more general analysis of how the coaltion will work going forward.

One bit stands out:

"The truth is that Tory high command is ready to do a bit more “differentiation” of its own in the new coalition dispensation and last week’s results have made it confident it can bring dividends. It wants the badge of fairness still, but expect more on crime, immigration and the rest. When the Tories can’t get their way in the Coalition expect them to blame the Lib Dems for holding them back."

So, they are going to blame us for stopping the Tories going too far . I do hope so!!!

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