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Wednesday 4 May 2011

Thank you Boris Johnson! No thank you to Humpty Van Flotsam

I'd found the Royal Wedding an entirely good experience, and as my natural disposition is to find something to be grumpy about, this is all rather unsettling.

We went up on the day. As you can see, we had a great spot. The kids loved it, the atmosphere was brilliant, everyone was jolly, it was all, in short, good fun. Plus the police didn't kettle anyone.

(Copyright: Freya Anderson)

When I left central London I saw street parties galore and everyone in a state of good natured contentment, helped, no doubt by a bonus day off.

Then I read that not only did everyone have a great time, but the whole day was part responsible for a huge boost to the economy.

I must confess to getting a sense of irritation at the stream of people with names like Humpty Van Flotsam going into the reception in the evening, but essentially this is probably just envy, and anyway, why did I ever think the Royals would have friends who weren't posh?

So all in all, nothing to moan about.

Then Boris Johnson wrote this in The Daily Telegraph.

So I even had something to moan about. The most ridiculous article he's ever written.

Thanks Boris

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