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Monday 13 June 2011

The Members of Bilderberg could learn a thing or two about security from West Midlands Police....

If you were a top secret organisation of the great and the good, dedicated to debating the important issues of the day in top secret away from the eyes of the world, then you would probably assemble any meeting of that group on a remote Swiss Alp behind intense security.

You'd have important meetings around a big round table in posh reclining chairs looking at video screens which appear out of hidden recesses in walls, while the chairman sits pensively listening to the debate stroking a white, fluffy cat.

And you'd definitely go for a ramble in the countryside. What? You wouldn't?

Well that's why you don't get to go to Bilderberg

Fantastic video; hats off to Paul Watson for posting the film; read more about the debacle at The Guardian

I wonder if Mandelson had to register his Passport number and National Insurance details to get through security there?

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