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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Has Johann Hari been suspended? And if so, is this why?

Hmm. I've just received a Retweet from Evan Davis, saying:

"Breaking: Johann Hari suspended for 2 months pending internal Independent Investigation by ex-editor Andreas Whittam-Smith"

I have no evidence if this is true - I am sure we will find out either way momentarily. But meantime, for those who haven't been keeping up....

There have been numerous stories about Johann Hari in recent days continuing the 'plagiarism' allegations that have been levelled at him.

However a more interesting thread to this tale has been opened up about a 'friend' of Hari, one David Rose. This character has made a point of attacking Hari critics and promoting positive views of Hari all over the web, notably on Wikipedia.

The question is: who is David Rose?

This post on David Allen Green's personal blog Jack of Kent outlines the tale - while the comments section is a gold mine of comment and information.

If you have 10 minutes free and you like a good detective story, you'll love this.

Yates of the Yard would appear to have none of the detecting enthusiasm of the web.


Twitter is full of 'Hari suspended' tweets so I guess that part at least is true. Worth saying that I read all this and write Hari related blogs more in sorrow than in anger. Sad that someone who writes so well and so passionately has apparently lost his way so badly.

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