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Friday, 15 July 2011

I asked Andrew Neil to take Diane Abbott to task on This Week about her offensive tweet. This is what happened next...

Regular readers of this blog will know I was fairly outraged by this tweet from Diane Abbott on Sunday.

And I blogged as such. What was she thinking?

Anyway, I received tweets from 2 of the people appearing on last nights 'This Week' (host Andrew Neil and guest Jon Snow), plus the producers - and sent them links to my blogpost asking them to raise it with Diane Abbott.

I didn't hear anything back: but then on the programme, (from around 3:55), Andrew said...

"and back, once again, by absolutely no public demand what-so-ever, except for the three people she has tweeting endlessly on her behalf, Diane Abbott."


1. Has my febrile imagination and burgeoning ego run away with me again, and Andrew Neil's reference was a co incidence (I know, by far the most likely option) or
2. Was Andrew gently letting Diane off the 'inappropriate tweet' hook, on the basis that she didn't write it.

Looking at her twitter feed I find it highly unlikely Diane Abbott has three people working for her on it. Which makes scenario one very likely correct. In which case I hope his reference made her feel very uncomfortable.

And if it's scenario 2 - it doesn't matter if she did it or someone else did it in her name. It's still tasteless. And she should really, really remove it...

(it's still there, 15th July, 15:50. I just checked).

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