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Thursday, 18 August 2011

I live in Richmond. Last night Jack Straw declared war on me.

Not just me of course. Every Lib Dem. Both in Richmond and beyond. How so?

Well, many of you will know that it has been alleged that Richmond Council - which is controlled by the Conservatives - have been holding a young person on remand in... A Premier Inn. Mr Straw was invited on to Newsnight to share his thoughts on this 'situation'.

And when asked who did he target for blame, which individual did he pick out?

Somebody on the Tory run Council?

The Home Secretary (a Conservative)?

The Justice Secretary (Conservative)?

The Conservative MP for Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith (in whose constituency the Premier Inn in Richmond is situated)?

No. None of them.

He went for the other MP who's constituency sits in the borough.

Vince Cable.

How random is that?

When I'd finished shouting at the TV, I thought a little about this. And decided it probably wasn't very random at all.

Ever since Ed Miliband was elected Labour leader there has been a clear strategy from Labour to target us. To steal both our policies and our supporters.

Over the last few months, this has been less transparent. I suspect partly because they've been too busy fighting each other and partly because as we languish in the polls they think their energy is better spent elsewhere.

But in recent weeks we've been back on the front foot. We've held the moral high ground on Hackgate. We've presented the right approach to the riots and the rioters. And our polling is improving.

And Labour has noticed. And now they are back on our case.

Let's get ready for the battle.

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