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Monday 15 August 2011

A post containing shameless bragging followed by brazen begging for help. I know, its not attractive...

First off many thanks to everyone who read this post on the blog and made it top of this weeks Lib Dem Voice Golden Dozen. I am full of misplaced pride.

Secondly, as I am relatively new to this blogging malarkey (the site is now 7 months old) I am told that I should be begging votes left, right and centre (tho being a Lib Dem, mainly centre) for the Total Politics 'Blog of the Year' poll.

So if you have 2 minutes to vote for me, I'd be very grateful. Although of course if I do alright, you can expect another smug blog post like this one to follow shortly after.

Hope that hasn't put you off.

Finally, if you are wondering who else to vote for - why not have a gander at my blog roll on the right bottom of this page. Lots of good stuff there.

Thanks again

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