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Monday, 19 September 2011

I'm contributing to The New Statesman. @charlotteahenry isn't impressed

The New Statesman have approached a few Lib Dem bloggers and asked them to contribute their views on how conference is going for their on line blog, The Staggers. I believe our new 'Blogger of the Year' Nick Thornsby is contributing, and so am I. We are butting heads with the mighty Charlotte Henry who is doing the same thing at Total Politics. It's like a family fist fight.

Here's my first missive.

I wrote the piece but not the headline or sub header. As regular readers will know, I like writing a good headline, so I miss that. And the sub header doesn't actually quite match up with what I wrote. So IT'S NOT MY FAULT.

But the body of the piece has been published unaltered, which I am both grateful for and slightly worried about in case at some point I accidentally libel someone.

Ho hum.

Hope you enjoy it.

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