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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Maths can be fun

Well, I bet that title's killed this blog post. So lets add a few other words that might tempt you in. Vicky Pryce (formerly Mrs Huhne), the BBC, Eurogeddon.

Look at this screen grab - it shows Vicky Pryce's selection as the best graph of the year 2011. And you must admit - it's a wowser!! (click to enlarge)

There are several more corkers on this BBC story, where they have asked top economists to choose their 'charts of the year'

You see Maths and economic global meltdown really CAN be fun!!

PS if you like this sort of stuff, do try and get hold of 'Information is Beautiful' by David McCandless. It's terrific.

And if you like that - check out this brilliant website.

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