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Tuesday 5 June 2012

Nick, Vince, Tim or more probably Toby Helm might just be reading my stuff...

Just fancy that!

Me in The New Statesman, commenting on the Labour motion on Hunt...

While bias may not be the undoing of Hunt, there’s a second charge looming – that he misled Parliament, both regarding his alleged attempts to interfere in the process while Cable had responsibility for it, and then when he said in the House in March 2011 that he had published "all the documents relating to all the meetings, all the consultation documents, all the submissions we received, all the exchanges between my department and News Corporation”.
... which I would suggest may have been a little economical with the actualité.
If we’re smart, we’ll put down an amendment to whatever motion Labour puts forward, that centres purely on misleading Parliament - a charge that may well be substantiated in the debate.

...and then in The Observer on Sunday...

 But there is support within the Lib Dems for the idea of the party's own amendment, which would centre on the specific allegation that Hunt misled parliament when he claimed in a statement in April to have published all his communications with News Corp and the Murdochs


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