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Wednesday 22 March 2017

Ed Stone 2: the lunacy continues...

We all remember the madness of the Ed Stone. 

Not so much the image of the Leader of the Opposition standing in a wet and windswept car park next to a giant slab of granite that had to be held up by scaffolding to prevent it crushing poor Ed.

But more the vacuousness of the 'promises' made - vague, impossible to measure, some them actually meaningless. 

They haven't learned anything.

Here are the pledges that Labour will stand on in the May Local elections

  • To invest in Britain.
  • To offer better health and social care.
  • To create educational opportunities for all.
  • To create safer neighbourhoods.
  • And to provide affordable homes, including more new-build council housing.

Now, there's nothing bad there. It's just empty. Which party wouldn't sign up to any of those and pledge to deliver them? 

I suppose we should be thankful really. Makes our job easier.

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