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Wednesday 5 September 2012

David Cameron has screwed up his evil plan for a 3rd Runway. Good. But Simon Burns. I'll hold you to your words...

So, what a complete cock up David Cameron has made of the aviation plan.

I'm firmly against a third runway in Heathrow. So I was pleased when the MP for Putney was made SoS for Transport 11 months ago. Surely a SW London MP would never allow Heathrow expansion to go ahead. Justine Greening had in fact been fairly mealy mouthed ever since her appointment, confirming that there won't be a change in policy pre 2015 but saying nothing after that. But as she was a West London MP, you felt safe.

David Cameron had apparently not noticed Greening was MP for Putney when he appointed her 11 months ago. And he moved her today, putting an MP with a constituency many miles away from London (who has said he is afraid of flying) in her place.

I was livid.

So, to be fair, was Zac. I was preparing for a by election.

And then, miracle of miracles, Cameron has screwed up again.

He also promoted the No.2 at transport today - Theresa Villiers went to Northern Ireland.

In casting around for a replacement, Cameron chose one Simon Burns, MP for Chelmsford. The other side of London from Heathrow. No problem there...

Cameron seems to have forgotten that Heathrow isn't the only airport in London. What's on the doorstep of Simon Burns? Stanstead. And to his credit Simon Burns is an avowed opponent of expansion there.

And what's more, this has piqued his interest in airports. and guess what? He's an avowed opponent of Heathrow expansion as well...

Here's what he has to say on the subject

So I'm happy to say that Cameron has put an avowed opponent of airport expansion into Transport. and while I would have loved a Zac resignation and by election - I'm happier if Heathrow expansion is getting knocked on the head.

But Mr  Burns. We won't forget your words. No u turns please.

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