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Tuesday 4 September 2012

Poll Results: who do you think is leaving the cabinet today?

Results are in: 

As you read this the reshuffle has probably begun.

Warsi was a clear winner with almost 60% of readers who voted thinking she will get kicked out of the cabinet. Most commentators disagree - saying she will be moved but not removed. We'll see...

A three way tie for second. I believe Cheryl Gillan is out. But with female cabinet ministers at a premium, that may make Caroline Spelman safe. And the smart money is on Jeremy Hunt being promoted. I know...

In the Lib Dems, Michael Moore is the popular guess for leaving. But again most commentators predict no changes in the LDs round the table - though no one, not one single person,  has named Michael Moore by name as staying in post. So perhaps he will be leaving.

And everyone seems to think David Willetts  is safe. the only person on the poll to not get a single vote.

Anyway - not long to wait now...

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