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Wednesday 23 January 2013

Mark Pack will be banging his head on a desk somewhere over this post....

I have e mailed every Lib Dem MP bar three to ask them where they are , restanding wise, for 2015 (the 3 exceptions being Duncan Hames, Julian Huppert and Nick Clegg - who I knew had all already said they were standing again).

The answers are coming back and I will blog on this shortly...


I used as my source for the task the Lib Dem website, which has a handy list of all our MPs and their contact details.

And guess what.

3 MPS have incorrect email addresses on the site (you get a bounce back) - and 4 don't have e mail addresses listed at all.

I can't help but think we should sort that out....


Big hats off to @Hamishmcallum who came straight back to me on Twitter having updated Stephen Gilberts page.

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