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Monday 18 March 2013

Leveson: the answers to all your questions.

Firstly, let's be clear; the Royal Charter is definitely going to based on the Lib Dem/Labour proposal...

...or definitely based on the Tory Proposal.

Or more likely, both

Anyway, lets be clear - there's nothing 'statutory' about the proposals...

except there might be...

Although as David Allen Green points out - there are lots of different ways of defining statutory anyway...

'All “statutory” means is that a regulatory regime has some basis in an Act of Parliament. It may well be that the statute merely gives legal personality to a regulator, allowing it to hold property and enter into contracts as a corporation (and thereby employ people). But it can also mean that specific and residual powers for that regulator are set out in statute, including perhaps the powers to obtain information or impose fines. It all depends on what the statute says.
What “statutory” does not necessarily mean is that either government or parliament will have any control or influence over the activities of a statutory body.'

Anyway, lets all agree that the PM was foolish not to stay up to be part of the negotiations..

...although fortunately, it seems he was...

All this confusion can only mean one thing

..but then again....

So - can we all agree at least on this?

Remind me again - how long have the politicians had since Leveson started to sort this out?


I have been tweeting with the No 10 cat. So proud

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