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Friday 25 October 2013

David Laws has dropped me a line...

...and I expect he's dropped you one too.

But in case not - he'd like everyone to pile in with their thoughts on the manifesto. Which sounds like an excellent plan.

If you don't submit - you can't say you weren't asked...

So here's the letter and the links you need.

Lets get submitting!

Dear Richard,

As you know, as a Liberal Democrat member you play a key role
in deciding our policy.

We’re unique, no other party does this, and I want to make sure
that every member has the chance to make their voice heard as
we develop our 2015 manifesto.

Following the approval of our Manifesto Themes Paper by party 
conference we’re now moving onto the next stage of the consultation.

Firstly, we’re launching our new Manifesto Website, where every 
member can join the debate and shape the next manifesto.

Secondly we’re providing material to help local parties hold their 
own local discussions and running a regional manifesto roadshow 
which will visit:

o   Leeds – 12th November
o   Yeovil – 14th November
o   Tregynon – 16th November
o   London – 4th December
o   Birmingham – January (tbc)
o   Aberdeen – 30th March
o   Welsh Spring Conference (tbc)

Before 2010 it might have seemed fanciful for anyone to say that our 
manifesto would end up as Government policy. Now we’ve all seen 
the very real difference we have made by putting that plan into action 
in the last three years

Our 2015 manifesto is perhaps the most exciting in the party’s history, 
please do join in and make sure your voice is heard.

Best wishes,

David Laws MP

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