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Friday 15 November 2013

So what are your Four key priorities for 2015?

I blogged the other week about why I thought we should have a few red lines in place now ahead of 2015 and one commentator in particular made me think, writing...

"red lines' by their very nature are negative... where we won't go rather than where we will... as you rightly point out the no-go zone (minefield) of tuition fees is now well trodden territory. (ka-pow!).. what about what we will do rather than what we will not...?"

And I think he's right.

So I've been thinking what my 4 key priorities might be - especially in the context of the call for ideas from David Laws for the 2015 manifesto.

I'll hold my hand up to one of mine right now: it's housing. If you'd like to know why, you only have to read this piece from Tim Farron from last week, one of the best bits of writing I've seen from one of our Westminster representatives for quite a while.

But I wondered what everyone else thought. So before outlining the rest of my own priorities, I've started one of my polls.

It's on the top left of the blog. If you're reading on the mobile, go to the bottom of this post and click on 'go to full website' and you'll see it.

I have added the 4 priorities from the last time, plus some other broad groupings. Do click on the 4 you want most - and let's see what readers of this blog at least would like the party to prioritise in 2015 negotiations. 

And if there's something else I've missed - let me know in the comments


  1. Flattered to see my forward-looking strategy has another fan... can't help noticing that the survey thus far (though previous ones also) has members going soft at the knees for international development over transport as an election issue... reminds me of Stalin's old quip "How many Divisions has the Pope?".. ergo how many votes are there in international development?

  2. Science and research - particularly our policy to increase funding above inflation for 15 years. No other policy will do anywhere near as much in the long-term for living standards, health care, sustainability or international development.