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Saturday 8 March 2014

The 2015 Lib Dem General Election Result

I keep thinking - "you know what would make a really brilliant blog post - a seat by seat analysis of what will happen for every Lib Dem MP in the 2015 General Election"

I've never done it - partly because when I've started, i end up writing 'so-and-so are a dead cert to lose their seat', and it's no fun writing that sort of thing. But mostly, because its a huge amount of work.

Fortunately, Iain Dale had done it for me. So do pop over and see his blog. Its very good.

However, I don't 100% agree with all his analysis - so at some point I will do same, pointing out the differences.

Hope everyone in York is having a splendid time. Enjoying watching it thru the Guardian Live feed!

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