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Saturday 29 March 2014

What's the difference between Maria Miller and David Laws?

I don't have any particular beef with Maria Miller. And I'm not one for shouts of 'resign' at the drop of a hat.

But I am genuinely bemused by the latest report in The Telegraph about Ms Millers expenses and the possible consequences

To avoid the paywall, I'll quote from the Guardian on the report., who say...

She is expected to repay thousands of pounds and also apologise for her use of the expenses system, the Telegraph said.
Now, as I understand it. Ms. Miller has not yet been found guilty of anything by The Commons 'Standards Committee', who have yet to publish the report into their investigation of her expenses.
But if she is found guilty of incorrectly claiming money - hasn't what happened to David Laws previously set the 'tariff' for the punishment for such actions - which is to resign from the cabinet?

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