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Monday 7 April 2014

Post Number 1000

This is post number 1000 on my little blog - which is just over 3 years old now.

In that time I have had 212486 page views (and counting) so each post gathers around 200 reads. So thanks to everyone who has come visit.

My top five posts have been...

1. The Lib Dems shift left could be more dangerous for the Tories than Labour from November 2013

2. The funniest Michael Gove cartoon you'll read this year... from January 2013

3. Exclusive: Tim Farron's speech to conference: the story everyone missed from September 2013

4. The final reckoning from September 2012

5. My take on the Clegg speech from September 2012

So September 2012 was quite a month...

These are the best referring websites to the blog...so big thanks to Guido. You see, he is good for something...

And where folk are visiting from is also interesting

So thanks to everyone who makes this blog work. 

And do keep visiting!

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