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Thursday 3 February 2011

Ed Miliband and Progressive Labour = he's still out to get us

A few months ago I wrote a piece for Lib Dem Voice arguing that anyone interpreting Ed Milibands overtures to the party and its members as an encouraging sign of future prospective coalition possibilities was way off the mark. He's out to get us. The New Statesman was good enough to highlight my piece as one of its 'blogs of the day' (oh, the glamour).

Guess what everyone - he's still at it.

There was his pre Christmas speech inviting us to write his party's policies for him (thanks, but I think I'll pass).

Then there's his January to the Fabian Society where he claims Lib Dems see the Labour Party as a vehicle for hope (no, we don't).

He's been quoted in an interview in the Indie where he hints that multiple Lib Dem politicians are toying with the idea of leaving and joining the Labour party. (we shall see, no movement as yet).

And today two more bits of news: the Compass Group is balloting members to see if they will allow non members of the Labour Party to join ( yes, they are thinking of us); and Kevin Maguire reports that the Labour Party is considering re christening itself as The Progressive Labour Party.

We should prepare for plenty more of this stuff; and make sure the world and his wife knows that we are already a progressive party, with policies to match our principles. We musn't let Ed steal either the progressive high ground (and its built in electoral majority), nor our members. Or, for that matter, our souls.

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