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Tuesday 15 March 2011

The Mid Week Collection

The first in a series of posts of interesting things I’ve seen in the last week that I haven’t got time to blog about.

Today’s 5 items are:

1. ComRes polling data from politicalbetting.com (via @OllyGrender)

Apparently lots of people are in denial that they voted Lib Dem at the last General Election, to the extent they won’t even own up to it to a pollster. Crumbs.

(Rob Blackie has pointed out that Political betting interpret the data in a different way to me; I hope they're right and I'm wrong!)
(Olly Grender says I've got it wrong too).
(I'm just looking at the Lib Dems numbers - 21% of people claim they voted for us vs. the 23.6% who actually did...I understand the Political Betting point that lots of people who claimed to vote Lib Dem actually voted Labour - but the disparity in our numbers can still be explained by people being in denial..))

2. Why ‘First Past The Post’ is a rubbish way of electing people (via Imogen Carter).

A very nice (and short) video presentation from CPG Grey. And if you like that, you’ll also love a Canadians view of our constitutional geographical make up. Really, it’s funny…

3. ‘To survive the Lib Dems must start pulling to the left’ (by @JackieAshley in the Guardian)

Yes, I know she would say that wouldn’t she, but it’s a thought provoking piece.

4. The 5000 Labour Voters who secured this Conservative-Lib Dem coalition (by Duncan Scott at www.splithorizons.blogspot.com

The blogpost everyone is talking about this week. And it is great.

Although he’s forgotten about all the Labour voters who did vote tactically for the Lib Dems ….

5. The curious case of Ed Milibanana (via Lisa Harding, @wokingspidey).

There’s a sub editor at The Times being flogged right now.

Enjoy All!


  1. Err.. isn't the Political Betting point the opposite one Richard? i.e. lots of people claim they voted Lib Dem who didn't.

    The polling data shows that more people voted Lib Dem than Labour. But in reality around 25% more people voted Labour than Lib Dem

    Basically a bunch of Labour voters probably considered voting Lib Dem, then in the end voted Labour. But they now 'remember' voting Lib Dem.

  2. That's their interpretation of the data...

    and OF COURSE I hope they are right.

    But I worry the opposite is true. Do you remember struggling to find anyone in the 1990's who ever admitted voting Tory? Despite the fact that millions of people did.

    At the end of the day, there's 3% of the total sample who actually voted for us - but are not telling people they did, either from mis- remembering or denial...