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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Oh look, everyone's at it...

Yesterday I blogged on the non story in the Telegraph about the Liberal Democrat re-brand. The great and the good of the Lib Dem blogosphere all did the same (some of them even did it on Sunday, which makes me look like a right slacker..) so here's a pick of the best takes on the story...

1. Olly Grender at The New Statesman

'The Lib Dems branding crisis'

2. Julian Astle at The Daily Telegraph (Oh, the irony, eh?)

'"Lib Dems to change their logo, their name, their direction and their leader." Really?'

3. Caron at Caron's Musings

'Telegraph gets it wrong on Liberal Democrat rebrand'

4. Charlotte Henry at Virtually Naked

'The Lib Dem rebrand - tipping the scales of nonsense stories'

All great takes on a story that actually isn't true......

Of course if I've missed any others (sure I have - I do have a job to do you know...) then let me know...

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