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Tuesday 29 March 2011

UK UnCut - here are two views....

The picture below shows protesters outside Fortnums on Saturday. I have no idea if they are UK UnCut people or just a bunch of nefarious wasters but either way, this is wrong.

But then on the other hand, take a gander at this video:

I don't think this paints a good picture of the police either - does it? Yes, I know The Guardian isn't every Lib Dems favourite newspaper (let's not forget though they advocated a Lib Dem vote in the 2010 election) but I doubt if the video shows anything but a fair version of what took place.

So I do find my sympathies pretty much divided here. Sorry.


Here's a link to the full story on The Guardian website,

"Cuts protesters claim police tricked them into mass arrest
UK Uncut activists say Met promised to show Fortnum & Mason protesters to safety – and then arrested them"

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