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Monday 18 April 2011

Hell's Teeth. Am I turning into Polly Toynbee?


No, I haven’t turned into a once fashionable left wing Guardianista commentator.

But having had a chance to consider my blog on my week off, I’m surprised to see how much easier I find it to write negative stuff than positive stuff.

How much easier it is to criticize rather than praise.

This is not to say I’m only writing negative stuff. I’m not – I think there are plenty of articles on my list when I’ve been positive. But there’s no doubt it’s easier to write copy attacking our political opponents, coalition partners or even (on occasion) our own side than it is to praise the good things I see we are doing.

And there is no doubt that bad news makes better copy than good news too.

So, best foot forward, I will attempt to maintain a balance going forward of both the positive and the negative.

Do let me know how you think I’m doing.

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