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Wednesday 6 April 2011

The Midweek Collection

An eclectic mix this week from all sides of the political spectrum. I don't agree with all of it, but it did all make me think...

1. Norman Tebbit defends the NHS in the The Mirror

Notable because it's Tebbit in the Mirror - who'd have thought it - and because he talks a lot of sense about the NHS. I'm still reeling....

2. Mohammad Al Bouazizi makes the Time 100 Longlist

I beg you to click this link and vote Yes.

3. Speed Cameras work.

I don't know why but this really tickled me. I think its the duplicitous police pretending they'd turned the cameras off...

4. Simon Jenkins isn't impressed with Nick's plans on Internships.

While I don't like the Clegg knocking, his take on the in built social mobility brakes British society has locked us all into is very thought provoking.

5. It costs only about $2 to lay a land mine — but several thousand dollars to dig it out

The headline says it all.

Enjoy everybody.

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