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Friday 13 May 2011

They made me laugh. They made me cry...second attempt

First off many apologies if all this seems terribly familiar. I posted this yesterday but of course the Blogger outage for the last 24 hours has lost the post...

My best reads this week. Or possibly not as I forgot to make any notes as I went along but all this has stuck somewhere...

1. 'Ian Tomlinson verdict: the people defer no more'
Great stuff. Show's how much - and inded how little - Britain has changed in 30 years.

2. 'What the Liberal Democrats should do next'by David Allen Green in The New Statesman.

Thought provoking, and unlike the Matthew Parris piece in The Times, it's not behind a paywall

3. 'The story of the AV campaign' by Tim Montgomerie on Conservativehome.

Detailed, troubling, a bit of a must read. Hat tip to Martin Tod for ponting me at it.

4. 'Unpicking the lock: the anatomy of an election triumph' by Caron on Caron's Musings.

Fascinating analysis on how Alex Salmond did it. And I'm not even Scottish.

5. 'Good Tory results give Cameron a 2015 headache' from Left Foot Forward.

Hysterical. Oh if only it were a tiny bit true.


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