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Tuesday 10 May 2011

Isn't this the right narrative going forward?

Keen readers of my blog will know I've dissed a few of the lines we've been spinning over recent days. But now a more interesting point of view is emerging - and it's the one I truly believe is the right thing to do as well. It goes something like this...

(Probably worth saying that while I've been sent the preview of Nick's speech tomorrow, I deliberately haven't opened it yet, as I wanted to blog my view before I read it. So don't read anything into this in terms of a preview for that 'cos it isn't. And if he happens to say any of this stuff - it's just happenstance...)

After the election last May, the people of Britain decided two things.

They were fairly clear - though not definitively so - that they didn't want another term of Labour in government.

And while they preferred the Tories - they weren't mad on them either.

So while the Tores gained most votes, they weren't given carte blanche to do whatever they wanted.

Instead, the wisdom of the masses decreed that there should be a moderating voice.

And that was the voice of the Lib Dems.

We would allow the Tories to govern - they had gained the most votes and we said whoever did that would get the first right to form a government. And our word is our bond.

And in return for keeping our word, we would be allowed to implement some key policies important to Lib Dem values, that had gone too long in the wilderness

But over and above implementing these key policies, we would hold a second role in government. We would be an ameliorating influence.

We would be the voice of reason. We would be the angel on the shoulder of David Cameron.

In short we would give the Tories something they lacked. Some might call it a conscience.

Without us, imagine what would have happened. Limitless tuition fees. The NHS reforms being implemented unchecked. Trident recommissioned. The list is endless.

Of course we will still allow the Conservatives to pursue their programme. they are the largest party and won most votes in 2010. they just wont be able to do it in undiluted form.

Some great Liberal leaps forward and a brake on the Tory machine. That's the role of the Lib Dems in government. And Britain will be in a better place in 2015 because of us.


Before you ask, I don't think this route is the same as Supply and Confidence. You don't get to implement any policies with those...

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