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Tuesday 10 May 2011

David Cameron? Sleepless nights? I should cocoa!

Here's a piece that will lighten the mood of every Lib Dem. If only to have a giggle at the 'one-eyed ness' of some on the Left...

You might think we had it bad last Thursday. You might also agree that Ed Miliband didn't have a great time of it either.

But apparently. the leader who should be really worried about last Thursday is... David Cameron.

Yes, the AV referendum was lost, yes the Tories took the highest share of the popular vote, yes their share of vote vs. the general election largely stood up, and yes, they achieved a net gain of councillors.

But according to Left Foot Forward they've got a huge headache now.

As they've nowhere left to go.

This piece of statistical analysis (Good Tory results give Cameron a 2015 headache) is brilliant. It's like those long mathematical proofs you see, demonstrating that 2+2=5. You know its nonsense - the fun is seeing where the logic goes screwy.

We may have had a bad night last week. But at least we know we're in trouble - and are doing something about it...

PS Worth saying the figures don't half give us some food for thought also...

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