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Wednesday 25 May 2011

This blogpost is smug, self satisfied and slightly pompous. I wouldn't read it if I were you.

From the Evening Standard yesterday headlined 'Ed Miliband saved my job, says Clarke'.

"He had to thank the Labour leader during “my little local difficulty last week”. Ed Miliband’s call for him to be sacked had totally backfired. “such a demand makes the PM look an idiot if he sacks you, while at the same time rallying the party’s tribal tendencies.”

From this blog last Friday headlined "Deep sighs but credit where it's due. Miliband played a blinder for progressives everywhere at PMQ's yesterday".

"Firstly, Miliband probably was as outraged as everyone else by Clarke's comments. But he wouldn't want Clarke replaced either. And I'm guessing he calculated that the surest way of keeping Ken in post was...to demand he was sacked. After that, Cameron could do nothing but keep Ken in position, or else look like he was caving in to Miliband'.

OK everybody, altogether now, " Smug smug smug smug"....

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