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Wednesday 18 May 2011

What next? Graham Norton to lead a review of the arts?

I'm pondering the appointment of Mary Portas to lead a review on the rejuvenation of the High Street. Now Mary may well be the perfect choice to do this. She runs a very successful consultancy (although Simon Francis over on his blog has a few words about that - blimey), she is clearly very accomplished and may well be the perfect person to do this work.

And funnily enough I am a big fan of getting expert advice into government. I like the fact the our very own Business Secretary had a long career in industry before entering politics. I wish there were more people with Vince's experience running their respective departments. And I'm all for co-opting experts into government.

It's just that I suspect that too often the deciding criteria for the Lords Sugar and Winston of this world is not 'are they the very best person we could pick' and more the fact that they front their own TV shows, and hence people will 'have heard of them'.

Which brings me neatly back to the title of this post. At this rate, it can only be a matter of time...

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