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Saturday 28 May 2011

You can only manage the news cycle if you are actually sitting on the news bike...

As we get to the end of the week and reflect on the last 7 days, let's spare a thought for the poor news management folk in Lib Dem Towers, who must be oscillating widely between a state of abject despair and wild eyed fury.

Last weekend they must have been got home, poured a stiff gin and relaxed, safe in the knowledge they had two cracking agenda setting topics to lead the Lib Dem line: the launch of the Green Investment Bank and Nicks speech on NHS reforms. What's more, both popular topics were led by Nick - another step on the road to reputation rehab. Hooray. What could possibly go wrong?

Seven days on - which Lib Dem stories have actually led the news agenda?

1. John Hemming, Ryan Giggs and Imogen off Big Brother
2. Chris Huhnes driving licence

Hmm. It's tricky getting on the front foot with your own side delivering bouncers like that at you.

So chin up and stiff gins all round news team. Next week it can only get better!

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