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Friday 24 June 2011

The Etonian Strikes Back

We've all been enjoying Mark Pritchard's attack on David Cameron haven't we? Go on, you've all been looking up the video and sniggering in your sleeves, haven't you....(I know you have, I do have the stats...).

But it would seem David Cameron is neither inclined to let it lie, nor indeed believes that revenge is a dish served cold. As this report from Cathy Neman at C4 News Fact Check makes clear.

The even weirder thing is No. 10 are claiming that David Cameron isn't in any way interested in the actual issue of wild animals in circuses. 'The PM is not personally motivated on this subject' according to his official spokeswoman.

From which you can only presume that the reason he's not letting it drop is...revenge.

Which is all a bit schoolboyish. I think we all know which school I mean.

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