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Friday, 24 June 2011

Want to see a video of David Cameron getting a mauling? Oh go on then..

Honestly, this blog gets more like a tabloid every day...

Anyway, follow this link (or if your device supports it, the video below) to see Conservative MP Mark Pritchard laying into David Cameron and the whips office on the floor of The House yesterday. Extraordinary stuff.

If you follow the link you might also enjoy the comments section below the video. As a Lib Dem, they made me giggle.

There has obviously been a lot of internal muttering within the Parliamentary Conservative Party about David Cameron for a while now. I predicted last week we'd see more and more of it coming to the surface. Even I thought it would take longer than a week though.

Anyway - enjoy. It's a proper bit of Parliamentary Theatre.


Great piece in The Telegraph (YES I KNOW !!!! ) about this.

Addendum 2

I forgot - he's got form for this sort of thing...

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