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Friday 17 June 2011

I apologise; this is a cheap dig at the Milibands. But it's the most brilliant photo, isn't it....

Hats off to Paul Waugh yesterday at Politics Home.

First he tweeted this:

Then he tweeted a photo of the moment:

I've also linked here to the picture. Isn't it brilliant?


  1. Current Labour leader hugs next Labour leader.

  2. An interesting point. When asked the other day why he chose to stand against David, Ed said it was because he didn't think the party would select two Milibands in a row as leader. Wonder of he's right. Anyway, as I blogged the other day, I suspect labour will embark on a series on internal fisticuffs and machinations for the next 3 years - and Ed will still lead them into the next general election, because that's what they always do...http://aviewfromhamcommon.blogspot.com/2011/06/lets-keep-poking-tories-labour-will.html