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Monday, 1 August 2011

You can't get enough of Nick Clegg, Louise Mensch and Boris Johnson. Though not necessarily at the same time.

Yes, it's August 1st, 147 days til Christmas, and time for a round up of the top 5 most read blog posts for July ( which had once again a record number of monthly page views, thanks to all who came and marvelled).

So, here they are in all their glory.

1. Clegg's letter to members who responded on the hacking question

Easily the most popular post of the month. I suppose it might have helped that Lib Dem Voice linked to it...

2. Dear Louise Mensch. It's not one rule for Prince William and another for Piers Morgan

Yes. I know she apologised to Piers Morgan last week. Maybe she reads my blog?

3. Video: Car crash interview - What happened when Boris first got reminded about his description of the phone hacking scandal as 'codswallop'..

No, I'm not bored of watching it yet either.

4. I asked Andrew Neil to take Diane Abbott to task on This Week about her offensive tweet. This is what happened next...

I wonder if it's still there? I hope not.

5. Mike Tuffrey understands the need for us to be radical.

Radical thinking seems like a popular theme across all the blogs this week.

And there we are, with posts on Rebekah Brooks, Sharon Shoesmith, Johann Hari and Ed Miliband just missing out (get used to it Ed, it won't be the last time...)

Thanks all for your support.

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