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Tuesday 29 November 2011

BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Here's how to find out who voted - and who they voted for

Much has been made, and quite rightly, of the outstanding lunacy that has led to the shortlist for Sports Personality of the Year containing the names of 10 men - and not one woman. Simply gobsmacking.

The reason why this debacle has occurred is probably revealed when you realise how the shortlist is assembled. It is put together by asking Sports Editors for newspapers and magazines who should be on the list.

Clare Balding has tweeted that she believes every single one is Male

And it's also worth pointing out that such homes of excellence in sports writing as Zoo and Nuts magazines have been given a vote. Amazing. Needless to say, no female targeted magazines were consulted.

But of course overall it underlines how the mainstream media undervalues and under reports womens sport overall.

Here's the list of who voted for whom (from the BBC).

Why not drop the BBC a line to tell them just what you think.


Here's a brilliant Guardian article listing 10 women who should have been on the list. The first - Sarah Stevenson - seems especially worthy.


  1. It's the fact that they asked Lads Mag editors and not women's publications that gets me.

    Clearly sport is only for boys.

    I am so angry about this.

  2. I agree - as a Dad to three sports mad girls, what am I meant to say to them?

    Have a gander at The Guardian article I just linked to above on 10 women who should have made the list - some extraordinary stories there

  3. Well said! Get to agree with your thoughts. :D