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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Blimey. Now that's a political ad and a half.

I've blogged before how about how I think we need, as a party, to get better at  understanding the 30 sec political ad. Because like it or not, that's where a lot of great campaigning is going to head to

Today I was sent this ad.

I don't agree with it's message.

I wouldn't vote for the candidate.

But you know who it's for.

You know what he believes

You know what he's going to do if he wins.

And if you're in any way inclined to support him - this will probably push you into the polling station on the day.

All in 30 seconds

Ron Paul knows a hell of a lot about communications.

We should take note.

h/t to @stuartbonar for sending me the ad.


Goodness. My friend Chris (@cmlowe_NYC )just sent me this ad. That Ron Paul really doesn't pull his punches does he?



  1. It's tame compared to this one: http://youtu.be/FLv8c2nlF0E

    Which is pretty mind-blowing.