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Saturday 25 February 2012

Toby Young. Laurie Penny. Melanie Philips. & me.

No. It's not the worst line up ever conceived on Question Time.

It's four of the 226 people who have entered the 2012 Orwell Prize for Blogging.

Important I should add that the sole criteria for getting on this list is the ability to throw all modesty aside and enter yourself. No wonder I'm on it!

However, the entry list is a good summary of many (though not all) the interesting political blogs out there right now. Including a fine selection from the Lib Dem blogging fraternity like George Potter, Caron Lindsay, Nicola Prigg, Alex Marsh, Andrew Page, David Allen Green and LibDemChild. Apologies to all I've omitted.

There are also lots of other brilliant blogs on there from the whole politial spectrum - so its worth a pleasant hour to get a good view of the whole political blogosphere.

Have fun!

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