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Tuesday 27 March 2012

School Holidays

There's probably an obvious answer that's eluding me - but just why does Parliament go on holiday whenever the schools do?

Christmas, Easter, Summer and most strangely of all - half terms?

This isn't one of those 'why don't they all work a bit harder' rants. I'm not in any way suggesting that when Parliament isn't sitting that all our MPs are kicking back and going on holiday to Barbados. I know that's not true.

But it is weird that Parliament revolves around when the schools are on holiday, unlike any other area of public life or business I can think of. Imagine if the courts decided to do the same?

So - how come on then? Would love to know the 'logic' behind it...


  1. Possibly because MPs have children who tend to go to school in their constituencies rather than in London? So working in their constituency rather than in Parliament during school holidays makes sense?

  2. wondered about that. Makes sense if that's how it started - when all the MPs were members of the aristocracy so the kiddies were all at boarding school in term. Though i imagine 'Nanny' looked after them in the holidays anyway (the Camerons and Osborne's will know what I mean).

    But why nowadays? I bet it's just tradition.

  3. When does this bill get passed?