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Friday 27 April 2012

Media storm

I work on New Cavendish Street in central London and todays' hostage seize happened at the end of the road.

Having popped down, I can tell you there was a small crowd, several roads closed and a bad traffic jam. And the Greggs on Goodge Street was full of policemen and ran out of sausage rolls. Draw your own conclusions.

But panic? crisis? chaos? I think not. Yet look how ITV captioned this film - and then have a look at the film (click on the picture to go see the film - ITV wont let you embed) and see if their words are a fair reflection of the situation...

These pictures from the air show confusion and panic on Tottenham Court Road in central London earlier this afternoon.

Makes you wonder if the media always present the true picture of what's going on...

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